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1. Los árabes/moros/musulmanes

A list of names of Arabs, Moors and Muslims to help you with your research.
  • Abd al-Rahman I (conquest of Abassids at Cordoba by surviving heir of the Umayyad Dynasty. Builds the Great Mosque of Cordoba.
  • Abd al-Rahman III
  • Abu Ishaq Ibrahim ibn Yahya al-Zarqali (b.1028 d.1087): Astronomer. See latinized name as Arzachel was a Spanish Arab.
  • Hasdai ibn Shaprut
  • Tariq ibn Ziyad-Muslim general who conquered last king of the Visigoths, King Roderick, at Cordoba in 720..
Sources for reading and research:

2. España hasta el año 711

Los Castillos/Alcazares

3. Sociedad Medieval

Clases sociales en los tiempos medievales/El papel de las mujeres en la sociedad y la historia.
A. Classes Sociales
B. Rol de la mujer
Women (Las mujeres)

El sistema económico

V. El Cid

Timeline Resources

VIII. Las cruzadas religiosas

IX. Los judíos de España

General Search Tools

Judaica-Jewish Resources
Terms to know:

Jews who converted to Christianity
Jews and Muslims
Jews and Muslims. n.d. Web. 10 November 2010. <
Jews in the Iberian Peninsula
  • Benjamin of Tudela-Kept a diary of his extensive journeys starting from his home in Spain to Rome, Green, Constantinople, Antioch, Damascus, Baghdad, Palestine, India, Egypt and returning via Sicily and Rome. His diary helps us understand better life in the 12th century. see The Travels of Benjamin Tudela.
  • Judah ha-Levi. (see also Judah Halevi)
  • ibn Ezra, Moses
  • Manuel I
  • Maimonaides(Ramban-hebreo):Author of The Guide to the Perplexed. <
  • Rambam see Maimonaides

Keyword Tip: When searching information about Conversos or Moranos see also Moriscos and Marranos.

X. Los reyes católicos y la reconquista

Ferdinand and Isabella
1492- Muhammad XII surrenders Granada to Los reyes católicos, [[/wiki/Catholic_Monarchs|Ferdinand and Isabella]]
See also
  • Spanish Inquisition
  • Tomás deTorquemada- Inquisitor General of Spain

XI. Literatura y el arte del año 711 al 1492

General Overview

Moors and Mecca. Discovery Education DVD. (Preview)
Presents and excellent overview on how the Arabs and how they preserved the knowledge of Greece and Rome. They advanced the knowledge of science, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and knowledge. When Islam spread to the Iberian Peninsula, cities such as Toledo and Cordoba had public schools and libraries in a time when Medieval Europe was in the dark ages.

Spanish Arts
Muslim Architecture
Search SPANISH [[#|LITERATURE]] and read about the Medieval Era of Spanish Literature:
Arabic Literature
  • The Blind Poet of Tudela (d. 1126, Muslim)
  • Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Bajja (c. 1085-1139): a intellectual, philosopher and writer
    Beatus Manuscript
Christian Literature:
  • Apologues of Pedro Alfonso's (1100) or Scholar's Guide, moral tales in Latin.
  • Beatus Manuscript Beatus of Liebana
  • Jarchas mozárabes (Mozarabic Kharjas): Considered the first lyric poems written in Mozarabic and considered the oldest form of lyric poetry in a Romance language. Jarchas express sadness and longing usually for an absent lover. These have been influence by Arabic poetry as a Karja is the final stanza in the Muwaššaḥ, a form of Arabic poetry. Lyric of Jarachas from Lyrics of the Middle Ages: An Anthology.
  • Siete Partidas-Seven Divistion
    Siete Partidas-Seven Divistion
    Siete Partidas-credited to Alfonso X "the Wise" of Castile, a major project and one of many under his reig
  • El Cid-
  • Picaresque Novel a literary genre : see Lazarillo de Tormes and Cervantes' Don Quixote with characters who are considered rascals, rogues and examples of anti-heroes.
  • Don Quixote- "Romance or chivalric romance is a style of heroic tales of chivalry. By 1600, Miguel de Cervantes satirised them in his novel Don Quixote." Clerics believed that the romance genre distracted individuals from the more worthy moral tales.
Jewith-Hebrew Literature
Religious Works, Rabbis and Scribes
  • Joseph the Scribe
  • Judah ha-Levi. (Jewish)
  • Moses de Leon (Zohar-Kabbalah)
  • Maimonides, Moses. (Jewish)
  • Sarajevo Haggadah (Jewish illuminated text originating from Muslim-Medieval Spain, believed to have been a wedding gift. It
Other works
Travel Diaries-Journals-Writing
  • Eldad Ha-Dani
  • Benjamin of Tudela
Writers about Jewish migration in 1200's
  • ibn Zabara (Book of Delight)
  • Judah Alharizi (Tahkemoni)


Math and Science in Medieval Europe and Spain

Examples of Music (search You Tube to hear examples, but note carefully is a source is credited or clues to the piece, the time-period, etc...
"Medieval Music." Spanish Arts.

Cantiga de Santa María
abt 1230 - 1284Credited to Alfonso el SabioAlfonso X "el Sabio"(1221 - 1284)Crowned King ofCastille & León in 1252

"Una Matica de Ruda"
12th centuryPerformed by"Los Tiempos Pasados"Ancient music ensembleoriginal time-periodinstrumentSephardi songsSpanish-Jewish
Andalusian classical music
9th and 15th centuries

"Estrella del Dia"
Eduardo Paniagua
wind player,
and percussionist
recordings of music of
Medieval Spain

Psalteria-Quando el relAvram Avinu Padre Querido-
Cuando El Rey Nimrod
Jewish-Sefardic in Ladino
Believed written during
the time of Alfonso X1200's
You Tube sources may have errors, check with multiple sources
to verify accuracy, credibility, and copyright laws and regulations.

XIII. Miguel de Cervantes (analisis de sus obras)


Arabs, Jews and Christians in Spain
  1. "CultureGrams Kids Edition: Spain: Muslims and Jews in Spain." CultureGrams - Kids Edition. East Leyden High School. Web. 10 November 2010. <>.
  2. Jews and Muslims. n.d. Web. 10 November 2010. <>.
Places of Importance in Medieval Spain
  1. "Spain Guide."National Geographic. n.d. Web. 10 November 2010. <>.
  2. "Toledo, Spain, Photos." National Geographic. n.d. Web. 10 November 2010. <>.
  3. Toledo, Spain, Santa María La Blanca, 1981, Photo ... n.d. Web. 10 November 2010. <>.
  4. Portland University Medieval Spain Page


  1. Spain Interactive Website
  2. Themeefy-allows you to create a portfolio of research, images, web resources and notes. Example: Cordoba, Spain


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